We were supposed to stay 3 days in Marmaris… and we ended up staying 5. It’s such an easy place to stay longer, climate is very nice, low cost of living, few tourists around as the season has ended, you can still swim and the food is good.

We visited Fethiye, 150kms south, and that’s another nice place to stay. The whole coast has lots of bays, inlets and coves, mostly accessible by boat only, and, we are told, excellent fishing. One day we might come back and stay a bit longer.

Yesterday we visited the Bazaar, a big one, and we had fun watching and trying out “original imitation” stuff; some, maybe most of that is clearly fake (we found some sweaters with Adidas on one side and CK on the other 😂😂), but some stuff is indistinguishable from the original, at least to the untrained eye. Shop touts can be aggressive but if you know it’s just an act, you can have good fun: at least we did. Just remember to smile.

Smoking is pervasive: everybody has, mostly always, a fag dangling from his mouth; women a little less, but men… oh man! Smoking like a Turk, it’s really grounded in reality.

Beer update: we are drinking Tuborg. Enuff said 😃

We are leaving Marmaris today and heading north, around Kushadasi as we wanna visit Pamukkale and Ephesus. Marmaris has probably been the southernmost place we’ll visit on this trip as we wanna make our way back north slowly.

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  1. Ciao Leyluccia non riesco a seguirvi bene ma prima o poi imparo ad usare il sito però uffi è tutto in inglese 😅😅
    Buon viaggio ragazzi 😘😘

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