From Greece to Turkey: x-rays

We spent a week in Athens, enjoying the city. We took day trips to Sounio and visit Poseidon Temple right on Attica’s southernmost tip. Dwellings in that place are more than 3000 years old as it was an obvious place to man, because there’s a fantastic view. Trampling on rocks which formed once upon a time houses, we imagined where they would sleep, cook, go the restroom, play the Xbox…hold on…we may be getting confused here.
At any rate we really liked the Pireus riviera, which is the coast immediately south of Athens: excellent beaches, cristalline waters a stone throw from the city center, people swimming thru late October…not shabby at all. What it lacks in glamour is compensated by a loooong beach season.
But, it was time to move on. Where to? Turkey sounded interesting, but it was a long drive from Athens to Turkey’s coast, at least 1500 kms, which are hard on Dad. Unbelievably there is no direct ferry from Athens to Turkey, which cuts out all the driving, so what people do is take a ferry from Athens to one of the eastern Aegean islands and short hop on another one to Turkey; problem is, this late in the season we couldn’t get a confirmation there would be one for this short leg. So…we kind of gambled there would be one and got on a night ferry to Samos: we shared a 4 people cabin, a bit larger than what I expected, but we left on time and got in Samos on time.
Disembarked at 6am, we looked for a place to buy a ticket to Cesme: one was open but no room for a car. “Try this other place, it opens at 7am”, the ticketman said. So we waited, and finally scored a place on a boat to Turkey at 8am for ourselves and car. An hour later we got Cesme, in Turkey. As an aside note the car ticket for the 10 hour ferry to Samos cost 42 Euros; only Turkish companies, probably for regulatory reasons run from Greek islands to Turkey and guess how much it cost the 1 hour hop from Samos to Cesme for a car? A whopping 80 Euro! You gotta love monopolies! 🤨🤨
In Cesme, given our highly suspicious look, they made the car go thru X-rays, something they mustn’t have used for weeks given the amount of dead leaves under the equipment. I mean, what would an Italian family try to smuggle into Turkey? Spaghetti?
Finally on our way, we managed to book (via Arbnb, as always), a place in Marmaris, about 4 hours away.
Long and scenic drive, we got to Marmaris around 4pm; we hadn’t gotten a firm address, but only that it was on top of Avis rental car agency so we started asking around for the apartment’s owner name and in a matter of 5 minutes we got to the right place. After showing us the place, he said we were the first Italians to stay there. Marmaris is not well known in Italy, it’s more of an Anglosaxon tourist destination: the town is nestled among hills in front of a nice bay, plenty of shops, and it’s known as a sailing destination. We plan on staying 3 nights here, and we might add a fourth.

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