Athens: we finally made it to Greece’s capital, which we were surprised to learn only has 660k inhabitants (wouldn’t show up in any China map). We are staying in a nice place, whose furniture still smells like new, but somewhat out of the main touristic center. Climate is very warm, so much as on Sunday we went to beach, swimming included. Too easy to comment on Parthenon, Acropolis et et…I know Matteo had a blast 🤣🤣 (“more rocks? Groann…).

Among the pics you’ll notice one with a rock: well, Athenians, 2500 years ago, used that rock to pick randomly among citizens for jury duty: on the bottom left you had your card, something like an ID, which you would put into on of slots (slits actually) and a little ball, falling, would pick the row with names. If yours was in it, yep, you’re up for jury duty!


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  1. Sicuramente il tutto più funzionale del nostro apparato giudiziario odierno…..anche se oggi qui, scusa se insisto, abbiamo pur sempre la Moretti….
    Ciao bellissimi!

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