Corfu: Matteo’s take

Yesterday we went to the beach, now that we’re in Greece the the sea should be wonderful and it was, the water was clean and transparent, there were waves but it wasn’t like a storm but little waves like for fun, the water was pretty warm. But outside the water it was freezing ’cause of the wind, there was a lot of wind so after an hour or so we moved to another beach that was more covered by the wind, and we found it but it wasn’t a sand beach, it was partly ’cause in the water there were rocks instead of sand and you could slip easily.

But it was fun.

Today we went to the beach again but we went to a beach that was at the other side of the mountain, it was nice but there was a lot of people and the water was cold and there wasn’t sand in the water there were rocks, on the bright side though there was no wind so the water after you dived in it seemed warm.

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