Corfu final thoughts

We like to try local beers as mush as we can, both for diversity purposes and to support the local brewers. Great stuff in Croatia, lots of good ones to pick from (we liked the local staple, Karlovacko); Albania, decent ones. Greece: have you heard about beer from Greece? No? With good reason it turns out: they suck. Like, big time suck. One was so bad we had to drain it in the sink! And that’s why Greece supermarkets are stocked full with Amstel 😂😂 Lesson learnt I guess.
As for the traffic light pic, seven and half minutes for a green light is not normal in Greece; ok almost. So, like a good Italian, I took it as a suggestion, mostly ignored it and went ahead, much to my wife’s chagrin. That’s what the locals were doing anyway.

Homeschooling update: in the pic you can see art class, “Paint whatever you want” 😃😃

Lastly, just a thought on Corfu: great island, probably best avoided in August, when it’s swamped with tourists. If they solve their garbage collection issue (don’t ask), great place to come back to.

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  1. Todo bellísimo y toman lindas fotos, gracias por compartirlo espero seguir el viaje con ustedes mis chicos lindos!

  2. Qué hermoso mar felicitaciones!
    Un consejo: no tomar mucha cerveza jaja 😘😘😄😅😅

  3. Oilà, se proprio serve vi mando un carico di Moretti….così, per preservare un buon livello di idratazione….
    Buon viaggio ragazzi!

    1. Cio’, anche una bollicine gia’ che siamo 😀😀

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