After Tirana, we got into the car and headed for Saranda, Albania’s southernmost seaside town. Here is Giulia’s take: “Today we made a 4-hour drive and arrived at the Saranda apartment, which we think is very restricted and there are only 2 rooms and a bathroom, which for us that we are 5 is very little. We also took a stroll and went to a small beach. We had a bath and the water was very clear but also quite cold. Then we went back to the apartment and rested a bit”.

A key ingredient of this trip spells 4 letters: WIFI. I mean, if it’s slow you can hear the the brood’s howls from a mile away. So, rested, above, means they got online to chat with friends and play online. Back to adult things, we got tickets for the ferry and ate in. The morning after we showed up waaay early for the short trip to Corfu, as ours was the only car in the small ferry. 90 minutes later we were officially back into the EU; Corfu is like you imagine: olive trees everywhere, azure sea, fairly rural and everybody wants to sell you olive oil. The place was we had booked (yes, everything thru Airbnb), was among the most recommended and didn’t disappoint.

Again Giulia’s take: “Today we slept in Korfu, where the house we rent is very large and beautiful, and there was also a cat, which we have not seen today. The beach where we came in the afternoon was beautiful, the water was clear and we had a swim 3 times, even if there was a bit of wind.”

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