Tirana: Matteo’s take
Hello I am Matteo and I’m doing a review of Albania and about the trip we took in our second day and about our place.
We were in Tirana, the capital of Albania: it’s a nice city but it’s divided in 2 parts: in 1 part there’s really nice buildings, good looking streets et et. And in the other side there  are buildings that are “trash” looking outside but in the inside they’re better but still not worth to live in. We are staying  in the “trash” looking area, but only because it was for 2 nights (Dad’s note: we are 400 yards from Tirana Central Square). Onestly the city is  nice but it has some poor people but I’m not here to talk about poor and rich people, it’s just that one part seams very nice and the other isn’t that good looking and doesn’t seem nice.
While we were on our walk we went trough a market and it was pretty late and many stand holders were leaving but we still saw some things.
Conclusion: Tirana is a nice city but some parts are old and some are new, I personally wouldn’t live there but since we only had to stay there for 2 nights it’s pretty OK.

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  1. Ciao Matteo ti auguro una buona avventura! Ti seguiró sul tuo blog e ti auguro di divertirti. Saluti

  2. Grazie Franci spero che ti divertirai anche tu a cadere questo blog e non dimenticare di condividerlo con gli altri

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