3 countries in one day

Today we spent time in 3 countries, as we started off early this morning in Croatia, in Cavtat to be specific, and then we crossed the border into Montenegro. After a couple of hours’ drive we stopped in Bar, a nice seaside town to grab a bite: we ate pizza, bacon sandwich with fries, vegetable scrambled eggs, 2 orange juices and a good espresso. Total outlay: €11,50 (and it was all really tasty). We then took a little stroll near Bar’s shore and then we hopped into the car and head off Albania. The drive was fairly mountainous and we crossed into Albania at Ilino Brdo.

We had read that Montenegro had a dearth of gas stations, but we saw more than enough on the way. In Albania, to make sure, opening a gas station must be a national pastime as there’s one behind every corner.

Tirana is a fairly bustling city, with very mixed architecture; weddings must be another pastime as bride wedding gowns shops are a dime a dozen. Pastry shops and gelato are ubiquitous and delicious. We went for a walk but then, dead tired, we headed back to our apartment to eat  and catch some, well deserved, zzz time.

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  1. Felicitaciones mis chicocos lindos y adorados! Qué gusto ver los tan contentos y conociendo tantos lugares bonitos! Les mando muchos besos y todo mi amor 😍😍😙😙

  2. Wow por ahí nos animamos a conocer!

  3. Q grandes estan!!! Mateo deberia jugar basket!! Besos!!

  4. Q lindo nos deberian invitarnos

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